About Us


School of Success is an organisation that conducts transformational programs for children of ages 1.5 yrs – 15 yrs. So far we have managed to touch the lives of over 5000 children across India. We have worked in Madurai, Theni, Erode, Coimbatore, Bangalore and the Andamans too!


At SOS, we believe that every child is unique. We recognize how drastically life changes for children on a daily basis, and how difficult it might be for some to cope with the transition from infancy to childhood. We ask ourselves questions like :

• Are our children ready to face the harsh realities of today?

• Are they well-equipped to take on all the challenges that the world offers?

We provide what we like to term “Character Education“, where we help children take charge of the leader in them and assist them in taking charge of their lives.

At School of Success, we do not merely teach and educate children, but help them expand their vision to that of a successful and significant future, and help drive home the fact that they can genuinely make a difference.


Transforming Atleast A Million Lives Globally