Reason #1: Today’s children belong to the most promising generation in history.
Reason #2: Can your child set goals, take decisions and communicate with complete clarity?
Reason #3: First rankers in schools are not necessarily First Rankers in Life.
Reason #4: Do schools, where children spend 8 hours a day, provide your child with emotional safety?
Reason #5: Do You feel Schools sufficiently enforce a “Never Give Up!” attitude in your young ones?
Reason #6: Children need to be well-equipped to take charge of their lives.
Reason #7: Building a sense of prestige and self respect in your child is paramount.
Reason #8: Is your child equipped to be a global citizen?
Reason #9: Higher test scores+happier parents is NOT going to help children survive today’s reality.
Reason #10: When was the last time your child felt that he/she is special, the BEST and sent by god into this world to make a difference?

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